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About Us

Blissful Living Group Home, Inc. is a 24 hour supervised care, residential facility that houses youth between the ages of 13 to 18 with a background of abuse and neglect. We provide a short term therapeutic program, which includes individual/ family/ group therapy, independent living skills, educational enhancement, family reunification and vocational training. Our projected outcome is for every youth to become an independent and productive citizen in our community.

Purpose, Goals, and Philosophy

Blissful Living Group Home believes that every child should be raised by a loving and caring family.  On a daily basis, Blissful Living and the Residential Treatment Counselors work toward reducing challenges that prevent children from being in a family setting and strive to connect children with ongoing family connections to potential homes.  Blissful Living Group Home is designed and planned to meet individualized therapeutic and developmental needs, to establish reasonable order and structure, in order to provide a predictable, secure living situation and to enhance opportunities for the development of social differences.

Our services will provide each child with the problem solving skills and coping resources, which will assist in a successful return into the community.  In addition to treating their underlying therapeutic needs, Blissful Living is committed to helping children and their families with their behavioral and emotional issues, to assist the children, when possible, in returning to their natural families in the community.  When family is identified, we will work extensively to help them reunite with their children in a safe and nurturing way.  The primary goal of Blissful Living is to work towards permanency for all clients.